Alternative filters: what are they and why should you consider them?

One of the questions we are asked a lot is what is the difference between an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) filter and an alternative filter? 

Given our parent company Micro-Mesh 50-year track record in filter manufacture, we feel we are well placed to answer this question and put a few myths to bed in the process. 

What is an OEM filter and what is an alternative filter?

Let’s start by defining OEM and alternative filters.

Very simply, an OEM filter is the specific filter model that comes with a piece of equipment when it is new. 

An alternative filter is an aftermarket product that is created to the same specification as the original. They are designed to have exactly the same fit, form and function as the original. 

Why choose an alternative filter?

When looking at the two filters, it may not be obvious what, if any, differences there are between them. 

Look more closely, and there are in fact advantages of selecting an alternative filter over an OEM product. The quality of an alternative filter can be equal to or higher than an OEM, because of the the way the product is designed. Many alternatives are reverse engineered, so any issues or weak points can be worked out during the process.

In addition, the media used to manufacture an alternative filter will often be identical to that used in the OEM. And in many cases, the efficiency rating of an alternative filter is the same as the. OEM product, so you won’t need to replace filters more regularly or suffer a drop in performance. 

Although it can vary, an alternative filter is generally more economical. This is partly due to many third-party manufacturers not having the overheads associated with an OEM supply. In fact, the alternative filter manufacturer often has greater availability as they are purely focused on producing filters. 

In essence, the fit, form and function of an alternative filter are the same as its OEM counterpart. Order now from our extensive range of alternative filters to experience the benefits for yourself.