StylePressure Filter
Efficiency 13µ @ β200
Efficiency 25µ @ β1000
Outer Diameter 3.07 in
Inner Diameter 1.7 in
Length 4.57 in
MediaGlass Fiber
Flow DirectionOUT-IN
Δ Collapse Pressure 305 PSI
Seal MaterialViton
Temperature Range -10 - +250°F

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Efficiency 1
The efficiency of the element is shown using the Micron (µ) and Beta (β) ratings. The micron rating indicates the size of the particle being filtered and the beta rating the efficiency, calculated as 1/β.
E.g. a rating of β200 will be 99.5% efficient whereas β1000 would be 99.9%.
3µ @ β200
Efficiency 2 5µ @ β1000
Style Pressure Filter
Outer Diameter 3.07 in
Inner Diameter 1.7 in
Length 4.57 in
Media Type Glass Fiber
Flow Direction OUT-IN
Bypass Pressure

Bypass pressure relieve build-up of pressure within the system and allows medium to bypass the element when pressure increases and reaches a sufficient level.

Collapse Pressure 305 PSI
Seal Viton
Temperature Range -10 - +250°F